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“Central Heating & Air” or “Central Air Conditioning”

May 30, 2023
“Central Heating & Air” or “Central Air Conditioning”

“Central Heating & Air” or “Central Air Conditioning” is a term for a heating or cooling system that circulates heated or cooled air throughout a home or building using ductwork.  The source of the heated or cooled air, known as an “air handling unit”, “air handler” or “furnace” is located in within the building or near its permitted.  The air handling unit has a system of ducts connected to it.  Using a fan, often referred to as a “blower”, the air handling unit moves conditioned air into the ductwork system to the desired locations in a building. Air is also returned from within the building to the air handling unit using ducts, so that it can be conditioned and returned to desired areas in the home.  This type of central heating &air system is sometimes referred to as a “forced air” system.

The most common type of heating & air conditioning system in homes in Western NC is a heat pump system.  A heat pump system consists of an outdoor condensing unit and 1 or more indoor air handling units.  Heat pumps are very popular and affective due to their ability to efficiently provide heat in colder temps and air conditioning in warmer weather.

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