Everyone claims to have top-notch customer service.
And so do we. We back up our claim with great work
and reliable service & responsiveness.
Don’t just take our word for it.

“The first time I used Ward Plumbing and Heating was in 2010. My heat pump needed to be serviced, and they did an excellent job. I did not hesitate to call again when I noticed a leak from a pipe in my crawl space. In fact, the source of the leak was not in the crawl space, and I am grateful that they sent an experienced plumber who quickly located the source and made the necessary repair. As I think about my upcoming kitchen remodel and the plumbing changes I want for that project, there is no question as to who I will call. . . Ward Plumbing and Heating!” – TERRI ARMFIELD

“Always friendly and responsive.We have a 5 yr track record working with the folks at Ward.Top notch service and fair prices.This is my go to company in Haywood and Jackson Counties.” –BOB SINNERS

“Excellent service. Repairman was thorough and quick. Heat pump is working great now.” –ERIC ROMANISZYN

“Our wintertime property manager called us in Florida to report that, during this last blast of very cold weather in the mountains, one of our zoned areas in our house was showing 45 degrees, despite thermostat set at 55. He said he’d contact Ward, but said he assumed they were swamped with calls because of the prolonged bad weather. He called back in short order to say Ward had someone at the house promptly, discovered the upstairs unit had tripped a high limit, which he reset, checked filter and blower motor, and also found a power switch turned off for another unit. All was fixed in less than 48 hours. We were relieved and impressed.” –Lisa Long

“We used Wards to install a new heat pump in our home this spring. I called 3 -4 companies to receive quotes. Wards was prompt at retuning our call and sending out someone to give us the estimate. Many other companies did not even return our calls.
The guys were very polite, clean uniforms and conscientious of our newborn baby in the home. Would defiantly recommend to anyone! Thanks Guys, We have AC Again :)” –Jamie Melton

“Last week they installed a 2.5 Ton Trane heat pump in a rental house of mine. The outside unit was put exactly where I asked. The air handler and ductwork in the attic were done to maximize the remaining space in the attic. The horizontal ducts were even stuck between the rafters to leave as much headroom as possible.
Six months ago they installed a 3 Ton Trane heat pump in the house I love in. I have saved at least $300 per month in fuel oil bills with only a small increase in my electricity bill. The unit at my house will pay for itself in less than four years.
Overall the people at Wards, especially Keith and Lisa have been great. If you just want cheap, look elsewhere. But if you want a great product at a fair market value from a company that stands behind their work, Wards is the place to go.” –Jerry Rice

“Ward Plumbing and Heating installed the duct work and two Trane heat pumps/air conditioners over twenty-five years ago in our split level home. They have also provided maintenance service for these units each year since their installation. We have always experienced prompt, courteous and professional service and advice with reasonable rates from them. This fall Ward installed a water heater with the same reliable service. We appreciate this dependability and will continue to call on Ward when we need their service. We sincerely recommend this business for plumbing, heating or air conditioning service.” –Dave Waldrop

“Lisa, who answers the phone and schedules visits is always cheerful and very helpful – she legitimately cares about the customer. I have used Ward about 5 times for both heating and plumbing work. I have been very pleased with each visit. The serviceman is on time and the prices are very reasonable.” –Gerald Kirksey

“Ward’s was helpful in getting the equipment needed at a reasonable price. They were able to work me into their busy schedule when I was in desperate need! Brad and Lisa were especially helpful and friendly!” –Julie Hodgin