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Air Conditioner Repair

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Summer is filled with various activities, such as cookouts and pool days. When you come home after a long day in the sun, you expect your home to be nice and cool. However, air conditioners malfunction from time-to-time and require repairs. AC repairs in Sylva, NC and surrounding areas can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but the Ward PH&A professionals can quickly restore your home comfort.

Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repairs

While some AC repairs happen without warning, others often show signs before a breakdown. Below are common signs your AC needs repair in Sylva, NC and surrounding areas.

  • Little/No Airflow: Check your air vents to identify airflow and temperature levels your AC unit is distributing. If little or warm air is blowing out, you need air conditioning repair soon.
  • Unusual Sounds: Thumping, buzzing, banging, and humming all mean your unit has a problem. Call an HVAC professional to fix it before the problem worsens.
  • Bad Odors: Your air conditioner is not supposed to smell poorly. Burning smells can indicate a burned-out wire, while musty smells can mean mold growth.
  • Increased Moisture: If you notice condensation, freezing, or puddles of water, your unit has a moisture problem. Only a professional service technician can determine the cause.
  • High Energy Bills: Utility bills typically increase over the summer depending on your cooling needs. However, if you notice an unusual spike, it means your air conditioner isn’t running at peak efficiency.

The Benefits Of AC Repairs

Ignoring air conditioning repairs can only damage your system and comfort more. Ensuring repairs are done correctly by a trusted HVAC company in Sylva, NC such as Ward Plumbing, Heating, & Air can provide many benefits for you, your AC unit, and home. Below are advantages of AC repairs.

  • Extended life expectancy: When you repair issues immediately, you extend the life of your unit to a maximum of 20 years. Ignoring repairs can necessitate full replacement in as little as ten years.
  • Reduced energy bills: Repairs restore your energy bill to normal levels and save you money over time.
  • Warranty compliance: Many warranties request a professional for any repairs. If you attempt to fix an air conditioner yourself, you might void the warranty.

Common AC Repairs

Our team of HVAC professionals in Sylva, NC and surrounding areas is well-prepared to tackle any air conditioning repair you need. While we can handle every type of repair, we see some repairs more often than others. Below are common AC repairs in Sylva, NC and surrounding areas.

  • Low refrigerant: Your air conditioner’s refrigerant should stay consistent, but leaks become more common the older the unit gets. A professional can find the leak, repair it, and renew the refrigerant levels.
  • Thermostat problems: Sometimes, the problem resides in the thermostat. It can cause the unit to cycle or might inaccurately measure the temperature. Thermostat replacement is usually easy and affordable.
  • Fan problems: As the workhorse of your unit, fans are prone to burnout. They’re also susceptible to overheating when your evaporator coils freeze.

Call Ward Plumbing, Heating & Air For All Your AC Repairs

Ward Plumbing, Heating & Air can handle every AC repair with prompt professionalism. If you are in need of air conditioning repairs or other services, call 828-785-4916 to schedule an appointment today.

Repair or Replace Calculator

Calculator for the $5,000 rule

The $5,000 rule is an industry accepted rule for determining whether to repair or replace an HVAC system. Multiply the age of your equipment by its estimated repair cost. If the outcome is under $5,000, you should probably repair. If over $5,000, you should replace.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as general guideline only. Please contact Ward Plumbing, Heating & Air directly to assure you are making the best decisions about your HVAC system.

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